What can you do? I am a B.Tech.!!

How many of you have heard of people (especially students) saying, “I am a B.Tech (or M.Tech)” when you have asked them what can you do? I have heard this “n” number of times especially in this industry (IT).

If you ask your cook “what can you do?”  He will say “I can cook food for you” and then he may get into his specialization – North Indian, South Indian etc.

If you ask a driver the same question “what can you do?”  He will reply, “I know driving” and then he will talk about his area of specialization – 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, 6 wheeler etc.

If you ask a plumber the same question “what can you do?” He will reply I know to “fix the leaks” of the tap.

When I ask any candidate fresh out of college (sometimes even experienced IT Professionals) “what can you do?  He/she will reply “I AM A B.TECH.” But what can you do? The same answer “I AM A B.TECH.”

I am not making fun of anyone but trust me this is a serious problem.

When do we move from “qualification” to “skill set”? When will the time come when students, fresh out of college, will approach IT companies saying “I know programming in PHP, and I can build a particular solution for you in 72 hours”? When will the time come when students will start saying, “I want to work in a small medium company and learn a particular skill set”?

Some suggestions to the student community:

  1. Mention you skill set rather than qualification when someone asks you “what can you do?”
  2. Before visiting any company with your CV, write on a piece of paper 5 points – why that company should recruit you?
  3. Do not increase your “price” – remember you are just a new product without any brand value, just launched in the market. No one will buy you if your rate is high unless you have a particular skill set.

3 thoughts on “What can you do? I am a B.Tech.!!

  1. Excellent find. A guy in my company passed his MCA exams, came to me with the good news and after the pleasantries were exchanged, he told me that he was expecting a nice raise because of his new achievement.

    I particularly liked your point 2. I have suggested several of my students and friends to develop an elevator speech where he can quickly explain what he can do for the company that will recruit him but I am curtly told that this is not needed and all I can do is smile.

    Thanks for spreading the message through your good offices. I hope I will see some good candidates in the future interviews.

  2. Its a demand supply thing, a B Tech does not know his skill set as once he is out he is easily swalloed by some large Indian or Non Indian MNC & put to do routine mundane coolie job, forget freshers even after 10-20 yrs of experience with the so called ‘Great Companies of IT’ people do not know their skill set or expertise!

    So no point blaming education institutions or the freshers, we have to catch hold of these large mass outsourcers & make them serious add value to what work they do, enough of labour arbitrage & dollar fun they had, now lets get serious & do something credible!

    Enough of serving the west!!! 200 yrs back the west ruled on us, our kings & made us slaves. Today things are similar, the west still rules us (for IT jobs & work) the kings are now these IT company owners who are happy with their wealth but take orders from the west & the ultimate slaves are the large developers & IT staff who work for them!!

    Gandhiji called in a revolution to stop using Linen so the foreign companies go out of business & start producing locally, produc khadi via charkha & become self sufficient, when we applying this to IT? When will an Infosys stop serving the west & start helping Indian Companies? When will we get our Khadi, that is an optimal quality MADE IN INDIA Software??

    Akshay Shah

  3. Indian IT students have this mentality of degree and marks. Most of the students I know concentrate on how to score a GPA of more than 9 than to learn something practically and apply it. Hence, this love for the degree 🙂 If only people people would concentrate more on practical stuff…

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