I am not an Engineer, how can I join IT Industry?

I often get to hear this question from students, parents and even from working professionals of other sectors. To the audience I tell one simple thing that “Our IT Industry does not follow any caste system”. At first instance most don’t understand this phrase but later when I simplify it and say, “Even non-engineers can be a part of our IT Industry”, for a moment I see an initial glow on their face. But, the glow fades away very soon. I have to face series of questions just like bullets. Some of these bullets hit me hard. I overcome some of the bullets, while some take a reverse direction (credit goes to NASSCOM for teaching me the reality).

 Let me share with you some of points, which I usually advice them.  Someday you may even face such questions, so these points might help you (act as bullet proof jacket).

 Note: When I mean IT Industry, I am only considering the software segment.

Designing (User Interface Professionals): This is one area, which is of high demand and one need not have to be an engineer to become a designer. Currently there is a “war for talent” among IT Companies to hire world class UI Specialists from India. UI Design is an important and in-demand skill. UI Designers enable the development of complex user interface navigation and workflow process, which further enhances customer experience and increases product value.  There are designing schools where one can pursue designing as a career. Apart from that one can even learn designing from various institutes. At this juncture let me warn you, do not think Web Designing, Animation and Multimedia are the same. These areas are interlinked but not same.  I want to stress on one point – almost 80% of the IT-Software companies are web based companies and they need good web designers. On completion of web designing course – which usually takes a month (you can learn the tool in less than 15 days and rest depends on the level of passion and practice) one will get a job in IT SME/Start-up with starting salary ranging from Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 per month (for a fresher).

Content Writing: This is one more area where there is a huge requirement. But content writing is not like essay writing/paragraph writing. One needs to have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization to write good web based content. There are even requirements in areas like technical writing. As more products/services are becoming localized, there are huge requirements for vernacular (e.g. Bengali) content writers. There is a huge growth market in verticals such as Media (Printing & Publishing). As per NASSCOM report the total addressable market for year 2020 for Media (Printing & Publishing) is around USD 17-20 billion. Another business segment where content writers are required is in the field of e-learning.  There are very few institutes who are teaching content writing but the numbers will go up very soon. For a fresher who want to join an IT SME/Start-up can get a salary ranging from Rs 6,000 – Rs 8,000 per month.

 Note: Content Writing and Designing is interlinked, we are living in an age of “info graphics”

 The other areas where there is a huge requirement – Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Search marketing. And to learn all these you do not have to be an Engineer.

 There are many students who cannot pursue engineering – may be they could not clear the join entrance examination, or may be some have cleared but due to certain family issues they could take it ahead or maybe there are many students who are not privileged enough to take up engineering.  So if you now have this question in mind “I am not an Engineer, how can I join IT Industry?” or if you come across this question from anybody, you have few points to answer.

2 thoughts on “I am not an Engineer, how can I join IT Industry?

  1. Hello Sir this is Pushpal Ganguly from Kolkata. I am on my Final yr of MBA in telecom management from EIILM & doing my final internship on Web content writing & Internet R&D at ABUS Security Tech Germany India a German based premium lock & key company dealing with all kinds of advance security solutions both in mechanical & electronics http://www.abus.com/. Sir apart from web content writing and R&D work i want to learn SEO,as my objective is to become a specialist in all these three fields Content writing, Internet R&D & SEO as by doing so i will be in a good position for joining any good company on these fields with having MBA degree on my CV. So can you pls suggest me some best SEO teaching institute in Kolkata and what are the scope in SEO & what things i can learn there. Regards Pushpal Ganguly.

  2. Dear Pushpal, firstly I thank you for the comment and response.

    I like your point “…want to learn SEO, Internet Marketing & Content Writing”. This shows you want to learn some particular skill set. Now let me help you out, if you really want to learn SEO & Internet Marketing, then get in touch with companies like http://www.ebizindia.com/ they might take you as intern. You even join Indusnet Academy to learn SEO and Content Writing. You might even join a start-up Techshu http://www.techshu.com/ who are into SEO.

    One important point to tell you: I see a concern because you have an MBA degree which means your salary expectation will be high but market will not pay you that much. A fresh candidate in SEO/Internet marketing/Content Writing field gets around 8k-10k max.

    Hope my inputs helps you. All the best.

    Aninda Das
    NASSCOM East

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