Cost of Setting up an Non Urban IT Center in West Bengal

I visited Kakinara in Nadia district few months back and was amazed to see a RURAL BPO (or you may term it as Non Urban IT Center).

Mr. Pradip Dey the person who is managing the operations shared with me the following information.

1. Internet Connectivity
A) Primarily broadband services

• BSNL unlimited plans(4mpbs, 25 GB) – Rs 1400 per month, post paid connection
• After crossing the limit of 25 GB the speed comes down to 256 kbps. For this additional service of BSNL – 512 kbps is required which costs Rs 750 per month.
• No other private broadband services are available

B) 3G services
• BSNL and Reliance Plans are available. It Costs around Rs 250 per month.
• Tata Photon Plus costs around – Rs 1100 per month. This is used during emergency purpose.

2. Power Connectivity

• The service is provided by West Bengal State Electricity Board.
• The cost is around Rs 3000-Rs 3500 per 3 months.
• 1 Generator backup is required – Oil Usage around Rs 1200 per month. The generator costs Rs 24,500.
• 1 UPS Inverter is required. The inverter costs Rs 25000

3. Hardware Requirement

• 4 laptops and 2 desktops are currently in use.
• Preference is on laptops over desktops because of 2 main reasons: a) High backup capacity b) Electric Consumption less.

Note: You will get a fair idea if you plan to start something in non urban areas of W.B.

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