Engineering Colleges should benefit the Students. (Probably More)

Trust me most of the Engineering Colleges are struggling to live up to the expectations of the students or to fill up the number of seats they offer. There are almost 3393 Engineering Colleges in India offering 14.86 Lakh seats. In West Bengal the total number of degree level Engineering & Technology colleges is 90 with an intake capacity of approximately 28751. Our IT-BPO Industry is taking 1, 60,000 – 2, 00000 students. Have you ever thought of what will happen to the rest of the engineers (students) passing out every year after spending lakhs of rupees?

It is high time the colleges understand that they play a crucial part towards the development of the society. In this post I will prescribe some suggestions to the colleges to reach to a win-win situation.

Branding: First and one of the most important steps to be taken by colleges is BRANDING. This does not mean advertising their own brands. Rather they should be branding their own college students.

The following activities can be followed:

a)      Showcasing the achievements of their students  in news pages like education times, online student communities, and social media

b)      Conduct symposiums on specific areas which are linked as per the industry needs

c)       Organize workshops, events and invite speakers from the industry ( not typical tech fests )

d)      Allowing students to participate in industry related events ( like NASSCOM IT Niketan )

e)      Opening the gate to IT SMEs and IT Start-ups to come as mentors  to students, allow then to work on live projects, and hire the interested students

Add-On Courses: The colleges must start “add-on courses” in the following areas:

a)      Open Source Technologies: PHP, Python, PERL, Ruby on Rails, Word Press

b)      Mark-up Languages: HTML5

c)       Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

d)      Javascript

e)      LAMP Architecture & WAMP Architecture

f)       Web Application Framework: CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii Framework, and Zend Framework

g)      Search Engine Optimization

h)      Software Testing

( Note: Add Course structure can be edited/modified. These are just my thoughts)

Colleges should partner with individual companies working on specific areas for the skill development of students (IT SMEs and Startups can be easily approached with a proper value proposition).

Live projects: The engineering colleges should take an active part in organizing more than 1 live project for the students to work on.

Internships: The engineering colleges should inspire the students to start working as interns by the end of first year. They should be opting to work as interns in IT SMEs and Start-ups.

Lab work: The colleges should approach IT SMEs, collaborate with them and work on IT solutions in their laboratory.

I have been recommending this to the college promoters, principals, students & faculties. If one college follows it, others might follow suit. This mission will benefit the students hence the colleges and the industry at large.

Note: The figures are taken from sources like AICTE, Department of Higher Education. It may vary from time to time. 

4 thoughts on “Engineering Colleges should benefit the Students. (Probably More)

  1. I’m a product of a cooperative education program in the US where I got two solid years of work experience among 8 semesters of study. It is the main reason I got a great placement at GE well before graduation. Engineering colleges need to see ‘bosses’ as young people’s best teachers.

  2. Agreed…

    I am a very aspiring student and want to participate in events but alas I live at a remote place known as Kalimpong (under WB).

    Our college doesn’t provides such facilities,not even internships.

    What can I do in this matter?

  3. Good suggestions.
    But some of them aren’t really reasonable ones.

    The add-on courses you said are very valuable (or you can say bread and butter for most) but isn’t really feasible for an undergraduate course. Students need the basics first. I can make a school student code in javascript,python,ruby on rails and even in Objective C!
    I can make them understand and make mobile apps! But at the end. I again ask them to go back to the basics…study the arrays,lists,tuples I just made them rush by. (this is not just talk, I do that as part of CS Outreach here).

    Most of the graduates here already know one or two of the add-on courses you told very well here. But not because they took that course. But because they figured out the need to learn it (for some project) and learned it from the internet.

    Despite of all the tech advancements. Still the most valued courses are “Design and implementation of Algorithms”, “Discrete Maths”, “Cryptography”. And down the line when you are done being a “programmer” and want to scale up we need to understand the need of the basics. And sometimes you need to learn the valu adds by yourself only (else how are you different from others?)

    Also the internship scenario is quite different also.
    I still have to see a proper paid internship in any undergraduate course back in Kolkata. Not to mention the fact that students also never take that seriously. They also need themselves to be “sell-able” to grab a paid internship.

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