My observation about the Kolkata IT Ecosystem

I left NASSCOM, the apex body of Indian Software Industry on 31st March 2013 and have been associated with IIF, the apex body of the Indian Foundry Industry. Since then, I have been observing the Kolkata IT ecosystem as an outsider but more closely and more clearly.

Here are few of my observations:

  1. I saw two 5+ years old companies becoming dormant.
  2. For startups, there are only very few good mentors in the market. One person who is really putting in a lot of effort is – Mr. B. Hari
  3. Some of the emerging IT companies who are doing great work and needs a special mention are – Honcho, CapitalNumbers, Xenis, High Position,  TechShu, AMS Technologies. Trust me you will learn a lot working with the team. My intuition is that very soon they will overtake quite a few number of established companies (15 years old)
  4. Best designing startup in the town currently with sound knowledge of designing is – The Thinking Hats
  5. In the BPO segment, Limtex is the best.
  6. Among the mid-level companies RS Software is still at the top with the best infrastructure. This is the only company with Rs 200 Crore plus turnover.
  7. FACT is the only product company from Bengal who are growing day by day and they have an awesome customer service.
  8. I meet a lot of IT entrepreneurs but I must mention about Atul Gupta, CEO, Insync – he is focused and he implements the right things at the right time  🙂

I also thank 2 social media group members who are always extending help and support to the community whenever required


(I will share about few more very shortly)

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