In Kolkata: Who are the best?

Kolkata is a city full of talents. But it often turns out to be a real problem for someone trying to figure out the right talent from the crowd.

So, here I am, providing you a list of talented people whom I think are the best. In case you are looking for someone, then you can refer to this list:

  • Photography – Anirban Saha, is not just good but brilliant. If you want a professional to capture your precious moments or in need of photography tips then he is always there.
  • Bengal and its Socio-Economic Status – Agnivo Niogi, is someone who is completely in love with Bengal and understands the current socio-eco-political scenario of the state. He is usually very busy, but if you need any input about Bengal then he is the right pool of knowledge for you.
  • Retro Music – MJ Arvind, a passionate guy and I would say No. 1 in Bengal as far as Retro Music is concerned. Apart from music, you may even contact him for events or wedding sangeets
  • Bengali Recitation – Surmi Roy, although this is not her profession, but in case you are looking for someone who can recite Bengali poems then she is the right person.
  • IT Hardware Specialist – Hemant Chabria, he is the King in the market. He will give you real solutions in hardware space.
  • Linux Guru – Indranil Das Gupta, is man if you want to know A-Z of Linux J
  • Travel Guru – Prosun Kanti, has travelled a lot, and he can be your guide. You might find his travel tips really helpful.
  • Graphologist – Pradeep Banerjee, I visited his coaching center number of times and trust me he is an expert in this field of Graphology.
  • Chartered Accountant – Pijush Karmakar, helpful and trustworthy person. He will never misguide you.
  • Tax Consultant – Alok Patnia, his startup can give your end to end tax related solution
  • Bengal Tant Sarees – Kajal Chakraborty, can provide some of the finest tant sarees at very reasonable rates. Wanna learn multiple handicrafts from toy making to painting? She is the one you need to get in touch with. Do visit her page:
  • Legal Support – Ramanuj Mukherjee, is very helpful at the times when you are looking for legal help. (Although he moves around the country, still you can connect with him virtually)
  • Event Management – Kaushik Dutta, has the bandwidth to provide end to end solutions within your budget.

Note: I have listed the above names based on the skill set and my personal experience. While dealing with them, if there are any financial misunderstanding, I am no way responsible 🙂

If you want to know more about them and are unable to connect with them, then shoot me an email.

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