SoLo Changers

It’s a ruthless world, but, there are people who are bringing a change through their day to day work and impacting the society… the change can be many… or it can be just making others happy.

Today was a great day of my life… today, was the launch of SoLo Changers – an initiative to connect with Social Local Changers of our society. 13 changers were be present, along with myself, to discuss their journey 🙂

And the Changers were:

  1. Agnivo Niogi
  2. Anirban Saha
  3. Arpan Kumar Mukherjee
  4. Arvind
  5. Dr. Sumanta Thakur (in the last minute he could not come because of an emergency)
  6. Pankaj Kumar
  7. Samantak Sinha
  8. Sheikh Sadaquat Hossain
  9. Steve Capell
  10. Sumana Chakraborty
  11. Surmi Roy
  12. Tanay Ghoshal
  13. Vijaya Das
  14. Harshit Mehta

Thanks to Honcho for sponsoring the coffee, XenisInfocom for booking the domain, Content Creche for communication support. Even a short visit to RadioOne studio was cool, thanks to Arvind

Thanks to each one of the changers present today.


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