Kolkatanovus: Shaping Kolkata’s Future

On 25th May, 2014 I attended the fantastic “apolitical” adda session with Derek O’Brien, Honorable Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

Let me be direct and not beat around the bush….

Why this meetup was called?

To brand “Kolkata” in best possible ways.

Was it a political discussion?

No. It was not a political discussion nor was it driven by any political agenda

Then why Derek O’Brien was present?

He is a visionary, motivator, enabler and wants youth of Kolkata to shape Kolkata’s future. He is ready to guide, mentor and show directions, for which reason he was present (He (DOBA) sponsored the lunch J)

Who all were present?

Different people from different background were present – teachers, students, working professionals, writers, filmmaker, entrepreneur, RJ.

What was the discussion all about?

Though the meet up was informal in nature, WE all discussed some really serious stuff. The audience suggested to Derek some of the areas where Youth of Kolkata can work together and bring about a change. Finally, at the end, 6 focus groups were formed: Career/Job creation, Safety, Music & Culture, Education, Cleanliness, and Communication. Each of us present were asked to join maximum 2 groups and each of the focus groups was assigned with a group leader and tasks to be undertaken.

What will the tasks be for each group?

Each “Focus Group” will meet, discuss, brainstorm and come of up with some suggestions supported by action plans. The plan will be reviewed by Derek and other concerned persons (including group members) and finally it will be executed.

What I liked about the adda session?

a) We keep discussing about how to brand Bengal in best possible ways. There are people from different professions who are working towards it but somehow we all are not well connected. This adda session was a small step to bring the like-minded youth of Kolkata under one common platform.

b) In most informal events, you will see hardly any execution plans, however this was not the case here.

(Details of the execution and results will be shared shortly. If you think you want to join any of these energetic groups and add value, then get in touch with Agnivo only)

Note: This was not a blogger’s meet nor was it a social media meet up. It was a serious session to empower responsible youth to work for betterment of Kolkata

I must mention about the coffee cum beer session we had before and after the session J

  1. Pre-session short chit-chat with Sumana, Rj Arvind, Ranabir at Chai Break
  2. Post lunch-beer-chat session with Agnivo, Sumana, Ranabir and Rj Arvind at Olypub

Special Thanks to:

  1. Agnivo – for spotting the right people and bringing them together at the session
  2. Dalhousie Institute – for the hospitality
  3. Sumana, Ranabir, Arvind & Agnivo – for the lovely post lunch discussion
  4. Anirban, Ramasish, Sayon and others – for the photographs